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    17 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Kim K returned to social media, Zefron got a haircut, and more!

    1. Jaden Smith showed off his esteemed film collection.

    2. Rebel Wilson gave us our first sneak peek of Pitch Perfect 3.

    3. Zac Efron showed off his new 'do.

    Just got a cut for my new role. You know that "oh - there I am!" feeling? Well, I got lost in it 😂 🎩…

    4. Chloe Grace Moretz freaked out about Lauren Conrad's pregnancy.

    5. Kim Kardashian made her return to social media.

    6. Ellen DeGeneres shared an inspiring New Years resolution.

    Can a photo be your New Year's resolution?

    7. Spencer Pratt was not into rekindling friendships.

    8. Harry Styles wished us well in 2017.

    9. George Takei shared this image.

    10. Lin-Manuel Miranda gave us a preview of our upcoming school reunions.

    Me rolling up on my college reunion in May

    11. Missy Elliott shared some sage advice.

    Compete with only YOURSELF! Don't let ppl saying u not gonna ever make it distract u🙄THEY SCARED😳 so they wanna hold u bk👊🏾keep doing YOU👌🏾💯

    12. Margaret Cho proclaimed that she was not responsible for this work of art.

    Well don't look at me! Ask @SnoopDogg #Hollyweed

    13. Conan O'Brien took a tip from La La Land.

    Inspired by La La Land, I just sang and danced my way into a divorce.

    14. Seth Rogen got owned by his mom on Twitter.

    15. Josh Groban was all of us during a dark and dreary winter.

    When it's gloomy outside and you're depressed you should definitely go see Manchester By The Sea by yourself right asking for no friends

    16. Bette Midler congratulated Janet Jackson.

    Congratulations to Janet Jackson for having a baby at age 50! When I was 50, I wasn’t even strong enough to push a child out of my way.

    17. And Cher once again dropped some knowledge.

    In Life We Get Epiphanies.They Come Outta The Blue When We’re Not Looking 4′em,& Don’t Even WANT ‘em.Didnt have it in Mind,2 Change MY Mind🤔