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    16 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Jordan Peele celebrated his Oscar nom, James Van Der Beek shared a Dawson's Creek throwback, and more!

    1. Ben Platt had some feelings about Meryl Streep joining Big Little Lies.

    Some memories are so visceral, you realize as they happen that they’ll be with you forever. I’ll always remember wh…

    2. James Van Der Beek shared a Dawson's Creek throwback.

    #tbt Squad ‘97 @VancityJax @KatieHolmes212 DC pilot which aired 20 years ago this week. Feel old yet? (Long rambli…

    3. Reese Witherspoon and Oprah had a photoshop fail.

    4. Issa Rae was relatable.

    You ever be like, "Oh wow, I'm crazy."

    5. Josh Groban shared a secret talent.

    Say what you will about my lack of talent, looks, or intelligence but I can shell a bowl of edamame with the speed…

    6. Ryan Reynolds made some discoveries.

    Nothing better than the simple joys of finding 5 bucks in an old pair of pants, or discovering my wife and I had a…

    7. Laura Dern found her doppelgänger.

    8. Jordan Peele celebrated his Oscar nomination.

    I just spoke to Daniel. You know when you’re on the phone trying to disguise the sound of an ugly cry? I failed at that.

    9. David Harbour asked the internet for some help.

    10. Mandy Moore reminisced over A Walk To Remember.

    Jamie + Landon, 16 years ago, A Walk to Remember ❤️. #TBT

    11. Chrissy Teigen had some bathroom issues.

    I got home today and ran to go peepee and you know when you’re so close to the bathroom so you kind of release beca…

    12. Zach Braff shared his coping strategy.

    When your Twitter timeline is too depressing so u get in a warm bath.

    13. Kristen Bell shared an important fact.

    Peregrine falcons can fly 240 MPH and I'm having trouble wrapping my head around this.

    14. Gigi Hadid got her own Barbie.

    For those asking.. Tommy x Gigi Barbie is available almost everywhere Barbies are sold+ ☺️

    15. Kim Kardashian set some rumors straight.

    16. And Ryan Seacrest congratulated Ed Sheeran on his engagement.

    Congrats @EdSheeran and Cherry on the engagement! I'd make you the perfect wedding playlist, but 99.9% of it would be your music.

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