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22 Celebrity Tweets You Missed From The Grammys

"It's the #GRAMMYs! The one night when all of America unites and says at least once, 'Who?! Never heard of them.'"

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1. Gina Rodriguez was blessed by Bey.

I was about 2 feet from BeyoncΓ© when she won for Lemonade. Yup. That happened. I said goddess. She said thank you. And now I'm preg w twins.

2. Lady Gaga showed off her new tattoo.

The Moth & Metallica πŸ¦‹------->πŸ”₯πŸ–€#ink #tattoo #MothIntoFlame #MetalliGa #metal #grammys @metallica

3. Loni Love related strongly to Rihanna.

When the bar is closed but you don't give a damn... #GRAMMYs

4. Bette Midler loved on Adele.

#Adele taught us a all a great lesson just now. If it's not right? START OVER AND NAIL IT! And she did. Love you, girl.

5. Anna Kendrick had an epiphany.

.....wait... I get the end of The OA now. #Beyonce #Grammys

6. Diplo said what we all were thinking.

Beyonce literally so perfect she looks like the butterfly Snapchat filter

7. Pink celebrated an iconic loss.

My life is made. I can say I lost a Grammy to Dolly Parton. Thanks Universe.

8. Elizabeth Banks dropped some knowledge.

Showing my boys #Beyonce: "Is she magic?" Yes, kids. She is. #GRAMMYs

9. Joe Jonas welcomed a new addition to DNCE.

10. Colin Hanks was all of us.

It's the #GRAMMYs! The one night when all of America unites and says at least once, "Who?! Never heard of them."

11. Zendaya was overwhelmed by the queen.

12. Colton Haynes got emotional over Lady Gaga.

I'm done. I'll be at Cedars if ya need me RT @tyleroakley: I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT #GRAMMYs

13. Ashton Irwin had a milkshake.

People are winning Grammy's and conquering the music industry and I'm sitting in a diner in Hollywood drinkin a milkshake

14. Chrissy Teigen was overcome with emotion.

Beyonce killed me Adele gave me life I'm confused

15. Zac Efron was Chance The Rapper's number one fan.

16. Octavia Spencer was mesmerized by Bey.

I just had to re-watch QUEEN BEY! Spell bound!

17. Christina Perri fangirled over Ed Sheeran.


18. Don Cheadle celebrated Adele.

@Adele You go, mama. No quit in the kid! Turn that shit around. Boom!!

19. George Takei posed this important question.

Adele just got a do-over. Can't America?

20. Chloe Grace Moretz was over the fashion.

If I hear "champagne color" used one more time on this Grammy carpet live show I'm gonna pass out

21. Issa Rae supported Chance.

I just love that @chancetherapper is being rewarded for being his whole authentically dope self.

22. And Rowan Blanchard bowed down to the beybes.

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