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35 Celebrities Share Sweet & Hilarious Goodbye Messages For David Letterman

"You made it cool to be smart. You made it cool to be witty."

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3. Sia:

.@Letterman you were like a father growing up. I even had bath time interviews with an imaginary YOU involving shampoo bottles and our...

.@Letterman ...SPARKLING personalities. Thank you for the laughs dad. I mean Dave. #ThanksDave


4. Oprah Winfrey:

My last HA HA with Dave tonight. #ThanksDave

5. Bette Midler:

WOW! David Letterman is saying goodbye...33 years of superb invention on his part and laughter on ours. That went so fast! I loved it!!

7. Will Arnett:

You made it cool to be smart You made it cool to be witty This pic's truly a dream come true @Letterman #Letterman


8. Betty White:

Tonight is @letterman’s final Late Show. We love each other so much. I will miss him so. But look out -- I'll find him!! #ThanksDave

9. Hillary Clinton:

#ThanksDave—for two decades of laughs, insights, and, yes, even pantsuit jokes. @Letterman, you're a legend. -H

11. Melissa Joan Hart:

It's an end of an era!! I'm heartbroken! And I never got to sit in the hot seat! 💔 #ByeDave #DavidLetterman finale and farewell!


15. Elizabeth Banks:

He hasn't said a word and I'm crying. #ThanksDave


18. Olivia Wilde:

Ok Dave this feels like the right time to admit I stole some stuff from the set. Just mugs! I take great care of them! So sorry. I love you.

19. Gina Rodriguez:

It was my first major talk show and I will never forget it. #ThanksDave @Letterman


22. Steve Martin:

Congratulations to David Letterman, who I now believe is beginning his third career in show business.


24. Connie Britton:

Oh Dave. You are the gold standard, the benchmark. It was the pinnacle of achievement to sit in that chair with you. #ThanksDave #Letterman

26. Josh Groban:

Any other east coast 30 something's getting a little emo on the couch right now. It's just dust....dusty in here.... #ThanksDave


28. Sarah Michelle Gellar:

This was my very first interview on @Letterman I was so nervous but he was incredible. You will be missed Dave

29. Reese Witherspoon:

30. Jason Alexander:

David Letterman, thank you for the laughs, both live and on air. May your family bring you joy and inspiration & may you laugh 4 all ur days

31. Demi Moore:

You'll always be my Secret Santa @Letterman Happy to show you my gymnastics anytime!!


32. Sarah Silverman:

Last time I was on #DAVE I wrote him this note

33. Seth Rogen:

Dave sent me this after I was on once and it's one of my most prized possessions. Was always my favorite show to do.