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    Jul 30, 2015

    13 Times Blake Lively Proved She's A Hashtag Genius

    Or, why she's the greatest person on Instagram.

    1. When she made you wonder who the hell the shoe wizard is.

    2. When she made you immediately want to go eat a sandwich.

    3. When she had equal resentment toward excessive use of tongue.

    4. When she was ready to be recruited as the newest member of Cirque Du Soleil.

    5. When she proved she was well on her way to becoming the next Food Network Star.

    6. When she made you borderline obsessed with her and Ryan's relationship.

    7. When she made you realize you're not the only adult that still plays with their food.

    8. When she revealed that James Bond is actually a bronde.

    9. When she wanted eyebrows on fleek just as much as we did.

    10. When she too prayed at the altar of queen Helen Mirren.

    11. When she made you question why you haven't stood in a pool of crushed tomatoes yet.

    12. What she made you wonder what the hell a "bronde" is.

    13. When she made you truly question the act of time travel.

    Bless you, Blake Lively. Queen of the #hashtags and true Insta inspiration.

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