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    Blake Lively Sent Taylor Swift A Birthday Pie Topped With Mini Versions Of Her Cats


    Just a few months ago Blake Lively professed her undying love for Taylor Swift — I'm sorry, Taylor lively — on Instagram.

    And the two ethereal unicorns recently spent the day riding roller coasters together in Australia, firmly solidifying Lively's place in the Swift Squad.

    But just when we thought it couldn't get anymore magical than a Lively-Swift kangaroo selfie...

    Blake went and got Taylor the most Taylor Swift/Preserve/Ina Garten birthday treat OF ALL TIME.

    A damn thanksgiving birthday pie with mini recreations of her cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson on top!!!

    I MEAN???!?

    It's Lively's lifestyle brand come to life in the most Swift way and it is truly perfection.

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