Bill Murray Shares His Excellent Advice For Crashing A Party

    The king of party-crashing reveals his secrets.

    Everyone knows Bill Murray is the king of crashing things. Like kickball games... zones...

    And of course, parties. Remember when he gave an impromptu speech at someone's bachelor party?

    So when he stopped by BuzzFeed NY to chat about his new film Rock The Kasbah — in which he stars as a has-been music manager alongside Kate Hudson and Zooey Deschanel — we had BuzzFeed staffers ask him for advice. Most importantly, how to crash a party.

    Well, I think it's all about ease of entry. It's about getting in. I used to know guys in the old days in Colorado that would find parties, and they'd have no place to stay when we'd go skiing, and they would just buy a gallon jug of wine, and find a party, walk in with a gallon jug of wine, which looks like you guys are gonna share. And what they would do is drink enough wine to fall asleep in the place and stay there.
    I think the best is to have a burden or something that's difficult to carry, like a case of beer, and come to the door and fumble. So people will help you, they will open the door for you and usher you in. And say, "These are cold where should I put them?" If those are your first words, then you're already into the kitchen. And if you're in the kitchen you are the heartbeat of the party.

    Solid advice, Bill. 👊 👊 👊

    Watch him share his wisdom in the clip below.

    Now go forth and live your best party-crasher life.

    Rock The Kasbah is in theaters Friday, October 23.