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    Ben McKenzie Is On Board For An "O.C." Reunion

    Let us pray.

    It's been eight years since everyone's dream boyfriends Seth Cohen and Ryan Atwood tragically left our lives.

    And while we've all been silently hoping and praying to the Orange County gods for a reunion, it looks like that dream potentially has the chance of coming true.

    In a recent interview, E! News spoke to Ben McKenzie (aka Ryan Atwood) about the idea of having some type of on-screen O.C. reunion, and how he'd feel about rekindling the ultimate bromance with Brody.

    Thankfully, like a gift from the ghost of TV past, Ben confirmed that he's ~hopeful~:

    "I don't know. I saw Adam recently, and you know, I hope so. He's a great guy.

    😭 🙏 😭 🙏


    In the meantime, I'll be praying to my O.C. shrine.

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