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21 Behind-The-Scenes Pictures You Missed From The Oscars

The most A-list celebrity selfies you will ever see.

1. Chrissy Teigen met the security guard of her dreams:

2. Maroon 5 literally practiced their performance in a bathroom stall:

3. Foxcatcher stars Channing Tatum & Mark Ruffalo bro'd it out on the carpet:

4. Dakota Johnson and Liam Neeson patiently waited to take their turn on stage:

5. Meryl Streep was moved by the In Memoriam tribute:

6. Queen Oprah practiced her lines before presenting:

7. JLo was getting her hair ~on fleek~ backstage:

8. Rita Ora got some last minute touch-ups before her mega performance:

9. Neil Patrick Harris took his naked walk of non-shame on stage:

10. Chrissy Teigen got down to the awesome "Everything Is Awesome" performance:

11. T.J. Miller showed off his prime seats 😕:

12. JLo took the most life-affirming selfie with Queen Meryl:

13. Rita Ora captured all of her favorite Oscar moments with some ~trendy~ polaroids:

14. John Legend and Common took a moment backstage before they performed "Glory":

15. While Octavia Spencer watched the performance backstage in awe:

16. Chrissy Teigen freaked out over her bae winning his well-deserved Oscar:

17. Julianne Moore held onto her golden statue in awe after her Best Actress win:

18. David Burtka caught a snap of his bae before showtime:

19. Jennifer Hudson celebrated Common & John Legend's powerful win:

20. And got to clink her Oscar heels with Meryl:

21. And JLo got photobombed by Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: