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    19 Reasons Ansel Elgort Would Make The Perfect Boyfriend

    Basically, it would be a privilege to have your heart broken by him.

    1. He can sing you beautiful love songs:

    2. He's a pretty good prankster so he'll always make you laugh:

    Someone asked me today why I looked so familiar, I told them "idk... I work the the chipotle on 8th street...? Mild medium or hot...?"

    3. He has a deep appreciation for adorable animals:

    4. He's got some great advice about taking care of your iPhone:

    If you like it then u shoulda put a case on it

    5. He does great impressions:

    6. He'll understand all your weekly #TBT struggles:

    How hard are you gonna throwback this Thursday? Like a few months or like are you gonna like THROWBACK like a year or 2? #tbtproblems

    7. He's all about the romance:

    8. He doesn't support jerks:

    Since when did #KeepingItReal just mean being a huge dick?

    9. He knows that v-necks are tragic:

    10. He's super humble:

    Wow just realized that one of my instagram photos went over 100k likes! Crazy! I remember a year ago getting 100 likes on a photo was big!

    11. He's in touch with his feminine side:

    12. He'll support your fangirling:

    I fanboy over stuff too just like you.

    13. He pulled off Augustus Waters flawlessly:

    14. He understands the sacredness of Chipotle:

    If you don't know my name and you don't know what movie I'm from don't come ask for a picture while I'm trying to eat chipotle.

    15. He takes the subway like us regular folk because he's not a snob:

    16. He's a risk taker:

    Livin on the edge always at 1% feeling like a boss

    17. He'll ignore all the fangirls that hit on him:


    19. Like, makes-you-forget-how-to-breathe beautiful:

    Enough said.