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    We Need To Talk About Ansel Elgort's New Single "Home Alone"

    His voice. That piano. I'm dead.

    The Fault In Our Stars and Divergent actor Ansel Elgort recently released his debut single, "Home Alone."

    If you're a fan of Ansel's, you've probably been following his dance music alter ego DJ Ansolo for the past few years. But now he's switching things up and writing, producing, and singing as himself.

    My new project, my main focus now is writing producing and singing as Ansel Elgort This is my first single.

    Ansolo is still alive, I'm always producing club music and I love DJing. Don't worry.

    Which you should be very excited about, because it's really damn good.

    But even better than the official track is the insanely beautiful acoustic cover he uploaded to Instagram last night. I'm not gonna lie, a few tears well up in my eyes when he starts playing.


    Damn, Ansel. Keep it comin'.