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America Ferrera Still Has A Lot Of Love For Her "Traveling Pants" Sisters

The Superstore star shares her thoughts on everything from man buns to brunch.

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In celebration of the new show, we sat down with America to get her thoughts on everything from man buns to brunch β€” here's what we learned.

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America Ferrera: Love! 🎢 Love is all you need 🎢, that's not the song. Is that the song?!

That's the song!

AF: Love is all you need! And, Love Actually! [Points to self] Loser.


Man Buns


AF: Okay, so, here's how I feel about manbuns. All I want in life is to see my husband in a man bun, and he won't do it. I mean his hair's not long enough, I've been trying to get him to grow it out, he's not doing it. So I give up.

You should buy those clip-on man buns they have now.

AF: Oh they have clip-ons?! YES.