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This Mind-Blowing Groot Halloween Costume Is Basically A Work Of Art

He is Groot!

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If you thought making a real-life version of a Groot costume was impossible, one Halloween enthusiast is here to prove you wrong.

It took him 20 days, but Edward Vega created a costume so lifelike that we're pretty sure he might actually be the real thing.

Edward Vega

Check out the day-by-day timeline of the costume creation below:

~Creativity at its finest~

In case you want to recreate the look for All Hallows' Eve, you can get step-by-step instructions here.

But you might want to hurry because you only have 10 more days!!!

Edward Vega

And here's everything you'll need to recreate this badass look:

EVA foam, insulation foam, different tones of brown spray paint, plastic dip, tacky glue, paper, a Dremel machine, a painters suit, 8 pieces of 4x8 wood, and cement glue.


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