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A Fan Attacked Adam Levine On Stage And It Was Awkward As Hell

Luckily he's a gentleman and took it like a pro.

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During a song at a Maroon 5 concert, an *extremely excited* fan rushed the stage and wrapped her arms around Adam Levine's neck:

No. Just, no.

But instead of flipping out, Levine calmly got the girl to turn it down a few notches, and politely put his arm around her:

No chill.

After she was escorted offstage, Levine rightfully explained why surprise attacking someone is, uh, TERRIFYING:

"It's just weird — you're in the moment and your singing and your eyes are closed and you're having this beautiful moment, and then the next thing you know someone's fucking in your face. Super terrifying. Just 'cause, like, you weren't expecting it, you know what I mean?"

And even though he didn't quite make it out unscathed, he was a good sport about the whole thing:

"She like, cut my ear, with her fingernail. It's all good. I love you, sweetheart — I'm glad you're a fan of the band."

File this one under: Things You Should Literally Never Do.

h/t: ET

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