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17 Fall Activities All Basic Girls Love

*Instagrams selfie in a pumpkin patch*

1. Pose in a pumpkin patch.

2. Drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes while walking through the park.

3. Go apple picking at an orchard.

4. Roast s'mores in your backyard.

5. Have a picnic in the park with all your besties.

6. Bake every pumpkin-related treat you can think of.

7. Drink spiced apple cider in a cozy bar.

8. Go on a haunted hayride while wearing your favorite J. Crew chunky sweater.

9. Have a pumpkin-carving party while listening to Taylor Swift.

10. Play in a pile of crunchy leaves.

11. Buy every bottle of pumpkin spice creamer you can find and make delicious coffee.

12. Go to a Halloween party with all your BFFs.

13. Go to a spooky haunted house.

14. Bake a cute lil apple pie (with the apples you picked at the orchard).

15. Have a bonfire on a chilly night.

16. Get lost in a spooky corn maze while wearing your favorite pair of Uggs.

17. Celebrate Oktoberfest with a giant beer.

Basically fall is the best time of the year.