14 Times Liam Payne Was So Adorable You Almost Couldn’t Look At Him

Baby you light up my world like nobody else.

1. When he rocked some major duckface as a toddler.

Kissy face professional.

2. When he proved his flirty wink game was strong from the start.

Pickin’ up the ~ladies~ since Day 1.

3. When he dressed up as Woody and made all of your Toy Story dreams come true.

~*You’re my favorite deputy*~

4. When he made being caught in a headlock look better than anyone ever could.

Lock us up with you, boo.

5. When he won school picture day because his was THE FREAKIN’ CUTEST

Kid can rock a suit.

6. When he posed with a wizard and put Harry Potter to shame.

Excuse me sir, can you tell me where I might find platform Nine and Three-Quarters?

7. When he proved a guitar has never looked better than under his arms.

Boy band destiny.

8. When his emo-rockstar-shaggy-hair game was strong.

The hair of a true god, really.

9. When he took a mirror selfie and made you think that mirror selfies are acceptable.

You can take mirror selfies all day, bb.

10. When he really grew into his true boy-band good looks.


11. When he chopped off all his hair and it was so perfect you almost couldn’t look at it.


12. When he resembled a young David Beckham and you almost forgot how to breathe.

~this is the first day of my life~

13. When he rocked a basketball jersey and made you finally have a true appreciation for #sports.

I’ll be your #1 fan, babe.

14. When he made you wish to the gods above that you could turn into a rain drop.

Please god, make me a raindrop, so I can fly far, far far into Liam.

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