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  • Lily

    This is my Lilybird! She was my first dog of my very own. This pic is when she was younger. She’s almost 10 now, and she still thinks she’s human.

  • Annie

    Annie was a rescue dog and has been grateful ever since. She plays mama to my other dogs, but also has an independent streak too. She looks older than she is thanks to her early gray on her chin.

  • Bosco

    This is my only boy, Bosco. He is an old soul and still wants to be a lapdog. He is scared of thunder and the hair dryer. We almost lost him once, but my wonderful vet saved his life!

  • Emily

    Sweetest girl you will ever meet. And a sleepy head. Emily loves to give hugs and is very talkative in the morning when she wants her breakfast.

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