Which Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Your Ideal Valentine?

Admit it, you would marry Inception JGL if it were legal to marry a fictional character.

1. You already know that there is only one Valentine for you. And that is the crown prince of loveliness, Mr. JGL.

2. But JGL is a man of many looks and many talents.

He has advanced skills in creating pants feelings.

3. He’s had long hair…

Sony Pictures Studios

Sony Pictures Studios


4. …and short hair.

Columbia Pictures

5. It can be hard to decide which version of JGL is the right Valentine for you.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

6. Would you want the sad puppy eyes of (500) Days of Summer JGL?

Fox Searchlight

Fox Searchlight

Fox Searchlight


He looks like he’d be excellent at rom-coms and snuggling.

7. The sleek, lovely lines of Inception JGL?

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers

Warner Brothers


He probably made dinner reservations months in advance.

8. Maybe scrappy, wide-eyed enthusiasm of hitRECord regularJOE is more your speed?


9. Or do you really just want to get down and dirty on Valentine’s Day with Magic Mike JGL?




Magic Mike JGL is probably a great conversationalist.

10. Do you actually just have a big, ridiculous secret crush on Hesher JGL?

Wrekin Hill Entertainment

Wrekin Hill Entertainment


11. Admit it. You’ve got a thing for JGL in Bruce Willis make-up. It’s OK. Just say it.

Endgame Entertainment / Via giphy.com

No one would blame you.

12. So, which JGL is your ideal Valentine?

You can only pick one, because you must save some for the rest of us.

13. Tell us in the comments below!

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