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Which Jennifer Lawrence Are You?

Because not everyone is Hunger Games J. Law.

  1. 1. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you check is:

  2. 2. Pick a person to photobomb:

  3. 3. Pick an embarrassing behavior to laugh at:

  4. 4. Pick a winter Olympic sport:

  5. 5. Pick a diet soda:

  6. 6. What is your dream career?

  7. 7. When you're stressed, you reach for:

  8. 8. Which meme is your spirit animal?

  9. 9. Pick a bathing suit:

  10. 10. No judgement: What's your favorite YA book series?

  11. 11. There's been an emergency! Who do you call?

  12. 12. Which junk food do you reach for when you're STARVING?

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