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How Do You Survive Getting Married When Your Parents Are Divorced?

How do you avoid the doom and groom?

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Trying to plan ~the happiest day of your life~ can be a bit of a bummer if your parents are divorced.


Maybe your divorced parents both want to help with your wedding, but they're still so angry at each other that it puts you right in the middle.

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What if you love your mom, but you really want your step mom to come wedding dress shopping with you, as well?

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And then there's the issue of how to honor one parent's new significant other at the wedding, without hurting your other parent's feelings.


Or it could just be that your parents like your significant other, but they're so cynical about weddings that it's bringing you down.


So, married and engaged people of BuzzFeed (who have divorced parents), what's the best advice you can offer someone who is getting married, but has divorced parents?


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