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    What's In Prince's Fridge? Dunkaroos And Yak's Milk

    Food blog Heavy Table was allowed to take a look inside the-foodie-formally-known-as Prince's refrigerator (and ask him questions!) -- but they were only allowed to bring a sketch artist. Here is some of what keeps Prince a little fed Corvette.

    This is Prince.

    This is the inside of Prince's fridge.

    There was Yak's Milk.

    There were "about 5 pounds worth" of Dunk-a-roos: The Ambrosia of the Late '80s and Early '90s.

    About 18 kinds of mustard including his favorite: raspberry mustard!

    A log of Wisconsin Braunschweiger, a German smoked liver sausage...

    You can check out all the rest of Prince's 19-nommy-noms here.