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We Tried Wearing Pretty Lingerie For A Week To See How It Would Make Us Feel

"I think you full-on just saw my nipple there."

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Sexy lingerie seems like a lot of fun — in theory. But in reality, it's hard enough finding a matching pair of socks, let alone matching bra and panty sets. So, with the help of Christina Grance from the lingerie store Serpent Lane, the women of Ladylike spent a week wearing different kinds of sexy underthings to see if it actually made us feel any different:

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Day 2 was sexy panty day, and Kristin was a little confused as to where the butt part of her panties went:


"The thing about assless underwear is that when you're sitting on a chair and wearing a're VERY aware that you're sitting on a chair."


All lingerie was provided to BuzzFeed by Serpent Lane at a discount.