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We Learned That The Best Way To Appreciate Why Furniture Costs A Lot Is By Make Some Ourselves

Literally we are never taking furniture for granted again.

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With all the effort it takes to put together IKEA furniture, we here at Ladylike were wondering... what if we just put all that energy into making some high quality furniture from scratch? So with the help our carpentry mentor, Michelle Liu, we set out to make our own coffee tables... IN A WEEK.

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So to try and fulfill Fred's dream, we divided into two teams, with each team making their own coffee table. Whoever could sell their coffee table at a flea market at the end of the week, would win!


And we soon realized that a lot more goes into making beautiful tables than we thought.

We knew going into this that there was obviously a lot, but there is a LOT LOT. Like, a lot². APPRECIATE NICE FURNITURE.



The table on the left is Devin and Jen's, which we called the "Donna" -- the one on the right is Kristin and Freddie's, which we called the "Ramona." They are both beautiful in their own way and it is honestly nothing short of a damn miracle that we even finished them in the first place.

But man... it's so satisfying even to look at the gifs of these. It just feels good!

The morning of the flea market, we decided how much we would charge for each table, and we had a whole new appreciation for why nice furniture costs so much.


To get a price for our tables, we took our materials cost and then doubled it, to account for how much our labor cost (other people who are actual professionals would charge more).


Our friend Zach offered us $250 for Freddie and Kristin's table, but Freddie... couldn't bring herself to sell it for that low.