Miss J From "Top Model" Did A Photoshoot With Us And We Nearly Crapped Our Pants

    We would like to be on top very much please thank you.

    Not gonna bury the lede here. The women of Ladylike wanted to try fashion modeling and they got MISS J ALEXANDER OF AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL TO COACH THEM:

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    So, in case you were living in a very sad cave for most of the 2000s, here is a primer on who Miss J Alexander is:

    And when it comes to modeling, most of what we know we learned from taking pictures for Instagram -- except for Devin:

    (Also, when Freddie was a kid she was in some print ads and some local commercials but we can't find them, which is very sad for us.)

    And Miss J is NOT a huge fan of Instagram model poses, so we were in for a time.

    But Miss J had all the faith in the world in us:

    Needless to say, when we met Miss J we were all basically just bundles of nerves.

    Miss J asked us who our favorite models were, and he had some opinions about them:

    Then Miss J gave us our challenge: We were each going to be given one of the four "elements" to model: Devin would be "earth", Chantel would be "air", Kristin would be "fire", and Freddie would be "water."

    This is also when we found out that SURPRISE, each of us were only going to get 15 photographs taken of us, which sounds like a lot BUT REALLY ISN'T.

    And then after some hair and makeup, it was ~modeling time~:

    During Devin's shoot, she kept shedding flowers, but managed to turn her stooping to pick them up into poses.

    She basically just channeled her terror into making herself beautifully terrifying:

    Chantel was trying to fierce her way through a fan blowing directly on her face:

    And Miss J managed to get her to actually smile for a photo in the way that only Miss J can:

    Kristin was trying for ~fierce looks~ but it appears she mostly ended up with ~deep concern that everyone is going to blame this fart on me~:

    Also she wasn't wearing her glasses so Miss J had to spend a lot of this shoot making sure she didn't just fall the fuck apart.

    Freddie was a dang natural.

    Literally the only thing Freddie struggled with was getting her hands to look delicate as Miss J wanted them.

    SO! Which photos ended up being our best ones according to Miss J?

    Here's Dev's best photo for modeling earth, which Miss J said was gorgeous, because shit, it is.

    Chantel was very excited that her best shot for air did not feature her resting bitch face.

    Kristin's winning photo was not taken during any of the careful posing but while she literally was just laughing at something unrelated because isn't that how it always goes.

    Freddie's best shot for modeling water was this beauty because LOOK AT THEM CALVES.

    All in all, Miss J gave us some pretty high praise:

    But we were more than impressed with how well they turned out, TBH.