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These Women Got Transformed Into Disney Villains And The Resemblance Will Make You Say "Damn"

"And don't underestimate the importance of BODY LANGUAGE, HA!"

Look, Disney princesses are great and all, but we here at Ladylike like to celebrate all sorts o' ladies — even the baddies. So to tap into our villainous sides, we decided to get fully transformed into Disney villains:

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Devin was going to be transformed into Maleficent from Disney's Sleeping Beauty:

Devin: To be honest, I don't know that much about Maleficent other than she's powerful, elegant — she's like, "Listen, I'm powerful. Y'all need to recognize." And I appreciate that! I think her look represents where she is in life: It's black, it's angular, it's got a fucking headpiece. It's like WHABAM, I'm here.

Freddie was going to be transformed into Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove:

Freddie: Yzma I think is an unsung hero. There's a lot of ageism when it comes to Yzma, which I think is really shitty, and I think her wisdom and how smart she is should be emphasized over age. I'm ready to look like a 1920s jazz singer.

Chantel's badass villain transformation would be into Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians:

Chantel: Cruella's morals are pretty much the opposite of anything I stand for — she wants to kill puppies to make a coat out of them whereas I want to rescue all the puppies and never give them away. HOWEVER, she definitely has a drive about her, in that if she wants to do something, she's gonna do it. She's very confident.

And Kristin would be transformed into the boss-ass bitch sea witch Ursula from The Little Mermaid:

Kristin: Ursula is my favorite Disney villain. I think that she is a hustler, she owns her own business, she doesn't need any support from a man. Honestly, I think Ursula is a very inspiring figure if you just ignore the last 15 minutes of The Little Mermaid.

So then we got started! We got hair and makeup with the help of Rebecca Lee Castro and Nicole Moroni:

Both Kristin and Freddie got full purple body paint for their characters, and EVERYBODY had some kind of wig or hairpiece. We didn't mess around.

...and we got styled TO THE NINES by costume designer Mika Sharafyan:

We got props, too. PROPS!


Chantel was devilishly beautiful as Cruella de Vil (Click the photos to see the full-size images!):

Devin was scary hot as Maleficent (Click the photos to see the full-size images!):

Here's Kristin killing it as Ursula (Click the photos to see the full-size images!):

And Freddie stole the show as Yzma (Click the photos to see the full-size images!):

We found it was ~very easy~ to tap into our villainous selves.

Like, almost too easy:

Kristin liked her transformation so much, she got her body paint sealed on so she could go home and show her husband:


Overall, we were super shocked at how much sexxxx we were able to bring to the characters. Also WOW, we really look like them.