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These Women Tried A "No Mirror" Makeup Challenge And Some Of Them Turned Out Surprisingly Well

You guys, it was a mess.

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So, I'm gonna set the scene: This whole thing started when the Ladylike ladies were sitting around a table trying to think of a short, funny video we could make.

To be honest, we were all pretty tired. We've been shooting a boatload of big juicy videos for our new channel and we knew we wanted to do something that would A) make us laugh and B) we could shoot in an afternoon.

One problem we always have around the office is trying to find makeup mirrors, because they're never around when you need 'em. SO, we thought, what if we challenged each other to try and do our makeup using NO MIRRORS and only silly reflective surfaces, like wine bottles or car doors?


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(I actually thought we were just gonna draw names out of a hat, but then the props department made us this KICK ASS wheel to spin, so we're probably gonna have to do more of these.)


Aaaaaaand here's what we all had to look at in order to do our makeup!


(Devin got "friend" which actually wasn't any reflective surfaces, and was just Chantel looking at her face and telling her where to put makeup.)

(Also nobody got wine bottle which was I personally was very sad about.)

(Also also I got spoon which like what the fuck, wheel.)

It was so flipping hot outside while Fred was trying to do her makeup in the reflection of the car door, she just used her own sweat to wet her beauty blender.

(Seriously, it was crazy hot -- Chantel was shooting one of these cameras and she literally had a shirt draped over her head to block out the sun like she was trying to operate an old timey photography machine.)


And here's how all our looks turned out! (Or didn't turn out, as the case may be.)

Here's Devin's look that she did without ANY reflection and with only getting guidance from Chantel. I have no idea how this turned out so well.

I'd call schenanigans, but I watched it happen in real time so I know it was legit.


Jen (using Photobooth mode with the thermal filter turned on) also had some eyeliner woes but she did pretty well. Plus, she was the only one of us who had time to spare at the end.

ALTHOUGH, this is because she only wears like three makeup items so that helped. And during judging, Jazz suggested that next time her lipstick be a little bit more "on her lips" because Jazz is savage.

In the end, Devin won because she is some kind of a wizard or whatever. To be honest, we laughed so much that we were all winners. <3