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    17 Unique Pot Pies That Will Get You Hot

    You'll never look at pot pies the same way again.

    1. This amazing chicken pot pie/empanada mash-up.

    2. No fork? Here's a chicken pot pie TO GO.

    3. This has all the flavor and filling of chicken pot pie, but in crepe form!

    4. These mini Thai chicken pot pies have a red curry paste kick.

    5. These mini macaroni and cheese pot pies have little bits of ham in them, too!

    6. Chicken pot pie. Topped with BISCUITS.

    7. This pot pie is not only vegan, but it has a golden phyllo crust.

    8. Was there ever a better use of lobster and brandy than inside this lobster pot pie?

    9. This ratatouille pizza pot pie is the perfect balance of veggies and comfort food.

    10. Cornbread chicken pot pie is just a food choice we all should have made a long time ago.

    11. This pot pie has pepperoni pizza stuffed inside!

    12. This winter vegetable pot pie is full of parsnips and butternut squash and lovely seasonal yum yums.

    13. This open-faced taco pot pie is a great mix of pot pie style with fresh veggies.

    14. This three bean chili pot pie can be served with either sour cream or Greek yogurt.

    15. This crawfish pot pie is also loaded with cubed ham OM NOM NOM.

    16. This chickpea pot pie with a biscuit topping is an awesome vegetarian option.

    17. This beautifully colored beet pot pie has GOAT CHEESE inside.