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22 Tumblr Posts About Speech Team That Pretty Much Nail It

4n6 5ever.

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1. When a round gets awkward:

2. That moment when you actually miss broccoli:

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3. Or have completely given up:

4. When performers get a little predictable:

5. When you are willing to die for the big issues:

6. When you know that there are two kinds of interpers:

7. When you get this question:

8. When you realize how little you knew as a freshman:

9. Or just how many people are at this freaking tournament:

10. When you are basically a teenage celebrity:

11. When everyone in the round is super salty:

12. When your body remembers it's like 8 a.m. on a Saturday:

13. That feeling when you walk into finals:

14. That moment when the universe gets restored to its natural state:

15. When you have ~great blocking~:

16. When you hear this little gem on the bus ride home:

17. When you are waiting in another school's cafeteria on a flipping weekend and you are pretty much sick of all your life choices:

18. That moment right before the judge shows up:

19. When you're stacking the finals round with good vibes:

20. When finals are posted, and down is up, and sideways is up, and red is up:

21. When you're one-half of THAT duo:

22. When it's GO TIME for your team:

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