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18 Times "The Simpsons" Got What It's Like To Be A Woman

"I shaved my legs to the knee FOR THIS?"

1. When someone thinks you're being "bossy":

2. When someone gives you a compliment:

3. When you're on a terrible date:

4. When you try discuss your accomplishments without sounding braggy:

5. When everyone has expectations about how you should live your life:

6. When you know how you want to live your life:

7. When random creepers try to talk to you in public:

8. When you achieve something that you've worked really hard for:

9. When you're having dinner while you're single:

10. When you're talking to your mother:

11. When jerks hate on your lady friends:

12. When you're dealing with the patriarchy:

13. When you're anxious about expressing your feelings:

14. When people feel like what you wear is their business:

15. When people have expectations for what you can and can't do:

16. When you're trying to do something that is traditionally done by boys:

17. When you're really, really bad at trying not to cry:

18. When you're just trying to be honest about your experience: