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    27 Times People From Los Angeles Should Have Known Better

    What are you even doing, standing in line for Pink's?

    1. When you tried to park at the Hollywood Bowl.

    2. Any time you've gotten in line for Pink's Hot Dogs.

    3. When you assumed the 405 was going to be easy breezy once all the construction was done.

    4. When you figured it'd be OK to show up an hour after the gates open at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery screenings.

    5. When you turned your nose up at the taco truck with a "C" health grade.

    6. When you said to yourself, "I'll just find street parking."

    7. When you bought into that "Triangle of Life" earthquake survival strategy for about 10 seconds.

    8. When you started buying your ArcLight tickets online without knowing exactly where your credit card is.

    9. When you headed to Malibu for the beach at 1 p.m. on a Sunday.

    10. When you assumed it would be possible to make ANY turns in Hollywood.

    11. When you said you would DEFINITELY come to a party in Venice when you live on the East Side.


    Look, it's nothing personal, but everyone in Venice is now dead to you, and they should feel the same way about everyone they know east of La Brea.

    12. When you insisted that there would NEVER be turnstiles on the Metro.

    Flickr: waltarrrrr / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: waltarrrrr

    13. When you freaked out and bought eight cases of water before Carmageddon.

    Flickr: Marty B / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mjhbower

    Carmageddon: The Y2K of Los Angeles.

    14. When you went to Runyon Canyon and thought that you'd "just find parking on Hillside or Fuller or whatever."

    Disney / Via

    You're hilarious.

    15. When you tried to sneakily park at a grocery store to go somewhere across the street, and convinced yourself you wouldn't get towed.

    Flickr: Patrick Pelletier / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 107479024@N04

    Oh that's right, they actually hired a security guard to protect that sanctity of these parking spaces.

    16. When you assumed that the drinks meeting you set with someone would actually take place on the original date you decided on.

    CBS / Via

    17. When you doubted the healing powers and awesome deliciousness of the danger dog.

    18. When someone convinced you to hike up to the Hollywood sign, and you got lost and/or heatstroke.

    19. When you only gave yourself 45 minutes to get across town.

    20. When you talked shit on a movie/TV show/actor/director/producer while talking to people you don't know too well.


    It's amazing how quickly people will turn on you when you insult the project they've been slaving over for six months.

    21. When you told yourself you'd be the one noble soul who doesn't slow down to look at the accident on the freeway.

    22. When a friend said they were "running 5-10 behind for brunch" and you believed that they were actually 5-10 minutes away.


    23. When you left your car at an expired meter space for five minutes, and decided it would be OK.

    24. When you figured that there couldn't POSSIBLY be traffic at midnight.

    25. When you thought you could just run into The Grove "super quick!" at Christmastime.

    26. When you told yourself, "Surface streets will be WAY faster than the freeway!"

    27. When you thought for a second about moving to NYC.

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