17 Times "DuckTales" Was The Most Delightfully Crazy Show On TV

    REMINDER: DuckTales was sort of insane.

    1. The episode where they parodied Homer's Odyssey, complete with creepy duck Sirens:

    2. When this dinosaur somehow got an adorable little jail hat:

    3. When Scrooge went to the future, and got to see the adult versions of Huey, Dewey, Louie:

    4. The episode where Donald gets tricked into giving up military secrets to a foreign spy about a classified Navy submarine.

    5. The episode where Scrooge invests in a convention center, and a bunch of movie monsters show up in a pink car to use it for a meeting.

    6. The episode where Duckburg suffers from a serious case of inflation due to an influx of fake currency:

    7. The episode where Huey, Louie, and Dewey conspire to fix a horse race.

    8. When one of the character's worst fears turned out to be a giant evil banana:

    9. When the bank-robbing Beagle Boys somehow became the biggest band in Duckburg:

    10. The episode when Scrooge got amnesia, and then led a strike against his own company.

    11. Everything about the wonderful Raiders of the Lost Ark parody episode, "Raiders of the Lost Harp."


    12. When Gyro basically turned one of the characters into the duck version of Iron Man:

    13. When Scrooge tried to sell his surplus wheat crop, and somehow accidentally ended up shrinking himself and his grand-nephews.

    14. The episode where Scrooge steals all of Atlantis' gold just so he can win a contest over who is the richest duck in Duckburg.

    15. When it had a parody character of J. Edgar Hoover named J. Gander Hoover.

    16. The episode where Scrooge pilots a ship called the Hindentanic, and the great duck actress Gloria Swansong made a cameo:

    This show was filled with references that kids were probably not going to get.

    17. When Launchpad was weirdly very attractive even though he is a cartoon duck: