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This Woman Got Styled By Six Different Ladies And Here's How She Looked

"You look like Michelle Obama!"

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This is Niki. She's a video producer at BuzzFeed, and she loves wearing flannel the way dolphins love making clicking noises.

Niki Ang/BuzzFeed

Niki describes her style as comfortable and efficient, and she tries not to spend too much money.

And while Niki loves her look, she thought it'd be cool to see what she might look like if her friend-os, the women of Ladylike, each took a turn dressing her. And here's how it went:

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Saf was super pleased with what her outfit was doing for Niki's booty, and Niki agreed — even if she was a lil' out of her comfort zone.


Niki's thoughts on this look: "Saf's outfit was HOO HA WHOOOA. It was tight. Everything was tight. [But this] was one of the outfits where I was like, I can't believe I look good in this. 'Cause I did!"


Freddie was very excited for Niki's J.Lo/Ja Rule early-2000s vibe.


Niki's thoughts on this look: "The earrings took me over the top, which is what I think Freddie wanted, but I thought, This is not me! My ears jiggled every time I moved, and it's really hard to wear headphones. The dress was definitely not too far out of my comfort zone — I could foreseeably wear it again."

Jen said Niki looked like she was in Man Men, and Niki was pleasantly surprised.


Niki's thoughts on this look: "I knew how to command myself in this outfit. And I had a moment where I had to walk into a room and meet someone new, and [it was this] total power moment! It was a little formal for a Wednesday at work, but I looked good."


Devin also added a berry lip color to the mix, but Niki was very torn on this outfit.


Niki's thoughts on this look: "Devin's outfit really put me out there, and I had a really hard time with it. People thought I looked really good, and the style itself is something that's in style, but I really didn't know how to feel about how to carry myself."

Chantel noticed that this outfit was very Michelle Obama-esque, which Niki was delighted by.


Niki's thoughts on this look: "I really appreciated Kristin's approach. She wanted me to try something new, but she gave me something that she knew would align with how I like to dress myself. It was pretty formal, so this wouldn't be something I'd wear to work, but if I had to go to a cocktail party, I'd totally throw this on."

Chantel thought it was v cute, and Niki's prior negative feelings about rompers did a total 180.


Niki's thoughts on the look: "It was a really great happy medium. I tried on a romper a few years ago and thought they weren't for me, but I loved the one Chantel gave me, so maybe i need to revisit other rompers."


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