This Is Why You Should Never Keep Your Meds In The Bathroom

    Do not use your medicine cabinet for medicine. Seriously.

    You store all your prescriptions/ibuprofen/cold 'n' flu meds in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, right?

    Because DUH, isn't that what a bathroom medicine cabinet should be for?

    But actually...your bathroom medicine cabinet is exactly where you SHOULDN'T keep your meds.

    It's true: Moisture, heat, and possibly even mold from all that ~hot water~ in your bathroom is super bad for your meds.

    Other places you can't keep meds: in your kitchen, your car, next to windows, or anywhere it gets too hot.

    You may be tempted to just stick all your drugs in the fridge, but that's also not a great idea.

    The best place to store all your meds? A bedroom drawer.

    But what if your apartment/home gets super hot sometimes?

    And if you're ordering meds through the mail, make sure they don't feel warm to the touch when you get them.

    Bottom line: When in doubt about how to store ANY meds — ask your pharmacist!