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    This Is What The Same Woman Looks Like With Five Different Short Haircuts

    "I look like Snape's middle-aged mother."

    Hi, I'm Kristin, and I have almost always had long hair. In fact, the last time I had short hair, I looked like this:

    Lots of hot people rock short hair, but the idea of cutting my own hair short is...anxious-making. Like asking me to walk around naked.

    So, with the help of my friend and wig connoisseur Becky, I decided to try wearing wigs in five different short hairstyles for a week, to see if my fears about what I'd look like with short hair actually have any weight whatsoever.

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    On day one, Becky wanted to start me off small, so I tried a tousled, long bob, or "lob" (or not a lob, I don't know what the cool kids call things) and WHOOOOAAAA:

    If nothing else, I think this hair color is in my future. There are actually strands of bright red mixed in, and it's fire.

    On day two, Becky gave me a slightly bigger challenge: A BLONDE BOB:

    Also, I really thought that having short hair meant I'd fuck with my hair less, which is very laughable and we should now all have a good chuckle at my naiveté.

    On day three, I tried a dark, sleek bob, looking like I'm Katie Holmes in a time before she stopped taking Tom Cruise's phone calls.

    I was most surprised by how much I liked this hair, even though I thought it would make my face look crowded.

    On day four, I tried an inverted blond bob, and it was...maybe not for me:

    This was the first day when not having usual haircut really messed with my feelings about my appearance.

    On day five, we finally worked our way up to the pixie cut and I became the lunch lady in an '80s movie of your dreams:

    I should be clear. Many people look INCREDIBLE with short hair.

    If no one looked good with it, I wouldn't have bothered trying it, but something about this aged me approximately 30 years. But I think a lot of being able to rock a hairstyle is whether or not you are personally invested in the hair you have. And because I feel basically naked having hair this short, it really, really doesn't work for me.

    Overall, I was shocked at how much my hair seemed to change my entire face (and perception of myself):