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    This Is What The Same Woman Looks Like With Five Different Short Haircuts

    "I look like Snape's middle-aged mother."

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    Alice Mongkongllite/Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed

    Hi, I'm Kristin, and I have almost always had long hair. In fact, the last time I had short hair, I looked like this:

    Lots of hot people rock short hair, but the idea of cutting my own hair short is...anxious-making. Like asking me to walk around naked.

    So, with the help of my friend and wig connoisseur Becky, I decided to try wearing wigs in five different short hairstyles for a week, to see if my fears about what I'd look like with short hair actually have any weight whatsoever.

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    On day one, Becky wanted to start me off small, so I tried a tousled, long bob, or "lob" (or not a lob, I don't know what the cool kids call things) and WHOOOOAAAA:

    Macey J Foronda/BuzzFeed

    I went into this sort of convinced that all short hairstyles on me would look like breakup haircuts, but this was my most favorite hairstyle. It DOES affect the shape of my face, but in that "Oh, you don't remember me, because I'm cuter than I was before" kind of way. People REALLY liked this hair, and I cannot say the same for all the other ones.

    If nothing else, I think this hair color is in my future. There are actually strands of bright red mixed in, and it's fire.

    Kristin Chirico/BuzzFeed

    One big problem: I would get this haircut IRL were it not for the fact that I have very fine hair. And so if I were to cut it like this, instead of getting a majestic fountain of lady tentacles sprouting from my head, I'd actually end up with hair that looks like mop that someone left at a bus stop. (Which is actually so sad, now I feel bad for this imaginary mop that doesn't exist that I just made up, way to go, Kristin.)

    On day two, Becky gave me a slightly bigger challenge: A BLONDE BOB:

    Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed

    I like to call this look "the fat best friend in a movie" because you know at the end of the rom-com, this character ends up falling deeply in love with a dude deemed not hot enough for the main character. This was my third most favorite hairstyle, because while I LOVED the color, this doesn't even look like my face anymore. Someone on this day actually said to me "You look different, what's wrong with you?" And like, harsh, but I sort of agreed.

    Also, I really thought that having short hair meant I'd fuck with my hair less, which is very laughable and we should now all have a good chuckle at my naiveté.


    I spent A LOT of time messing with this hairstyle. Since this cut is very piecey and layered, once you mess up one part of it, the entire Jenga tower of your hair comes crashing down.

    Also, I was gonna say I look like Justin Bieber's mom but I just googled her and she is actually hotter than any of us, so that is not what I look like.

    On day three, I tried a dark, sleek bob, looking like I'm Katie Holmes in a time before she stopped taking Tom Cruise's phone calls.

    Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed

    This was my second most favorite hairstyle. Full disclosure, though, this photo is cheating, because this was by far the cutest photo of this hair that I got. Most of the photos of me in this wig were very "I only buy CDs from Hot Topic to make it seem like I am too cool for Hot Topic" but that was my high school look and I stand by it.

    I was most surprised by how much I liked this hair, even though I thought it would make my face look crowded.


    The hairstyle is silly, but it owns its silliness, you know? Part of this is because I am silly, but I can see this being good on a whole variety of faces. Velma wasn't a leading lady for many years on the critically acclaimed Scooby-Doo for nothing.

    On day four, I tried an inverted blond bob, and it was...maybe not for me:

    Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed

    This was my second least favorite hairstyle, which I felt bad about, because it's basically Becky's default hairstyle, and while she looks like a beautiful queen, I now look like someone who's about to yell at you because of your store's insufficient selection of Crocs. It's not really the hair's fault, I think I just have that kind of face. This is also basically Victoria Beckham's hair, and she is not one for second-rate hair situations.

    This was the first day when not having usual haircut really messed with my feelings about my appearance.


    This haircut on me felt very Jon and Kate plus hate. To compensate, I spent a lot of this day piling on the makeup, but it seemed especially critical that I draw attention away from what was going on around my face.

    On day five, we finally worked our way up to the pixie cut and I became the lunch lady in an '80s movie of your dreams:

    Macey J. Foronda/BuzzFeed

    OK, this is obviously my least favorite hairstyle. But this hairstyle has many pros:

    *The color is (truly) great!

    *I was slightly unrecognizable to new co-workers, so when they reintroduced themselves I got a free pass at relearning their names.

    *Helpful warning from the future about what not to do when I turn approximately 48.

    I asked my fiancé Brian what he thought of this hair, and he said it was "a look," which I think translates to "I really don't want to get in trouble on Valentine's Day."

    I should be clear. Many people look INCREDIBLE with short hair.


    If no one looked good with it, I wouldn't have bothered trying it, but something about this aged me approximately 30 years. But I think a lot of being able to rock a hairstyle is whether or not you are personally invested in the hair you have. And because I feel basically naked having hair this short, it really, really doesn't work for me.

    Overall, I was shocked at how much my hair seemed to change my entire face (and perception of myself):

    Macey J Foronda/Becky Harris/BuzzFeed

    Granted, all these wigs had very coarse, textured hair, which I don't have — when I cut my hair above my shoulders, it's ringlets up front, and straight in the back, like some sort of mullet for clowns. But knowing that my face isn't a thing I need to hide behind gallons of hair (and for that matter, probably gallons of glasses!) sort of tilted my perception on what makes me, me. And even if I think I'm hiding myself, I'm probably doing less good of a job than I think.