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30 Things You’re Only Afraid Of If You Live In Los Angeles

What do you mean, Obama is coming to town today? Why didn't anyone tell me?!

1. That you will forget to move your car for street cleaning.


Or will misread the parkings signs. Or forget to turn your wheels in the right direction.

2. That a digital billboard will be put up anywhere near your apartment windows.

Flickr: 70716954@N00

Or your dream apartment is anywhere near the Samsung building.

3. That President Obama will come to visit L.A., making it impossible to get anywhere.

Via Twitter: @RyanNRP

Even worse, when you don't hear about it until the day of.

4. Being on the 405. In the RAIN.

5. Rain, in general.

Flickr: 33917831@N00

What is this SKY POISON?!

6. Seeing this on Google Maps:

7. That you might get food poisoning from street tacos.

8. That "The Big One" is just around the corner, as all your amateur seismologist friends insist.

9. That when The Big One does hit, you'll be stuck hiding under your crappy IKEA furniture.



10. That a pothole on a major road will take your car out.

Shutterstock/Christian Delbert

11. Model/Actor/Whatevers.

Shutterstock/http://T.W. van Urk

12. That what you thought was the marine layer is actually just smog.

13. Public transportation.

Flickr: 50836858@N00

Especially if you don't know how to use it.

14. Scientology complexes as large as hospitals.

Steve Rhodes / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 44124466908@N01

15. Driving on the highway during an earthquake.

Shutterstock/spirit of america

16. When a police helicopter shines down its YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

17. That some jerk could toss a cigarette from his car and Los Angeles could burn to the ground.

18. That you will be more than 10 minutes late to a movie at the Arclight, and won't be allowed in.

Flickr: 41652235@N00

Especially if it's the last showing of the movie in the dome, UGHGHGUGH.

19. Being en route to somewhere, and you suddenly hear about a Sig Alert on the radio.

20. DUI checkpoints after a drinks meeting.

Flickr: 70716954@N00

Just use Uber, guys!

21. That you might be forced to go to your friend's terrible comedy/sketch/improv show.

22. That you might be one mudslide away from falling to your doom.

Flickr: jmrosenfeld

Gotta love that Mullholland.

23. That your boss will go on a juice cleanse, and you will have to deal with their hanger.

Shutterstock/ Anna Hoychuk

That's hungry anger.

24. That the factory on the beach you always go to will give you cancer.

Shutterstock/Rodolfo Arpia

25. That a street sign will have so much graffiti on it that you won't be able to read it.

26. Having to go over the mountains to get to a party.

27. That you are in constant danger of having your car broken into.


28. That, in the absence of bike lanes, you are in constant danger of pancaking a cyclist.

Shutterstock/Wessel du Plooy

29. That you'll need to be anywhere on the westside after they close down WeHo for the Halloween parade.


That goes double for movie premieres in Hollywood.

30. That today might be the day that a tsunami actually happens.

Flickr: 57009135@N00

They wouldn't put up signs if it wasn't possible.

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