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43 Things You Still Don't Know After Living In Los Angeles For Seven Years

Seriously, why are there so many abandoned car bumpers on the side of the freeway?!

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1. Why do so many people struggle to pronounce "Los Feliz"?

2. Why are there so many TV commercials for the Sonic Drive-In when you don't know where a single one is located?

3. Who do you call about a pot hole outside your house?

4. Where are all the people who are hiking at Runyon Canyon finding parking spots?

5. For the streets that border Beverly Hills, why do they insist on only resurfacing their side of the street?

6. What kind of person stays in a 24-hour Korean spa all night?

7. Why is the city so interested in making clearer parking restriction signs?

8. Seriously, isn't that going to eat into a huge source of their revenue?

9. How do some people manage to get away with bringing their dogs everywhere?

10. Is there a truly efficient route from Silver Lake to Culver City?

11. Why do some people get tickets for street cleaning when the street doesn't actually get cleaned?

13. Seriously, do people lose their car bumpers in accidents and then just decide they don't need them anymore?

14. And furthermore, if a car is totaled, why is the bumper the only part that doesn't get taken away?

15. How to find a sports bar within walking distance of your house.

16. Are we actually getting a football team, or is that a pipe dream?

17. What time the parking meters turn off in any part of the city.

18. Why is everyone so adverse to ripping out their lawns?

19. Have they not seen our reservoirs, lately?

20. Do stores out here manage to sell many winter coats?

21. Why does everyone get so mad when someone accidentally refers to a freeway as the highway? It still a high way, is it not?

22. Just how gross does a restaurant have to be to get a "C" rating?

23. How do the people who live in parking restricted areas have impromptu parties?

24. How on earth are any of our local Taco Bells still in business?


26. Do tourists really think they are going to see celebrities on Hollywood Boulevard?

27. Why aren't there more useful subway stops on the East side?

28. Who was the first person to come up with the idea to take pictures in front of the light installation at LACMA?

29. If the lines at In-N-Out are always so crazy, why don't they just build more In-N-Outs?

30. Why do people insist on waiting in line to get inside at a bar or a club past 12:45 a.m.?

31. Like, seriously, they know they're not going to get in, right?

32. Why doesn't the Getty Center just let people take their engagement photos there? Because seriously, they could charge and make so much money.

33. How are there still people who think that The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a real museum?

34. Why are we the one major city where all the bars close at 2 a.m.?

35. Are they ever going to fix all those pot holes on the 101 in Hollywood?

37. Why can nobody agree on the best route to use when driving to the Valley?

38. Has anyone ever truly had fun on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

39. How is it that 75% of all parties are actually just obligatory work/career functions disguised as a party?

40. Do our parents actually enjoy hanging out at Universal City Walk when they visit, or are they just pretending?

41. How is it that traffic in LA is generally terrible, yet traffic to LAX is usually fairly light?

42. How is it always a surprise to everyone whenever Obama comes to town? Can't we develop some sort of Obama Is Coming To Town Early Warning System?

43. How long do you actually have to live here in order to not be considered a transplant?