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15 Things That Happen When You're Addicted To The Olympics

Can I call in Olympics to work?

1. When you realize that the Olympics are in a time zone that is half a day ahead of you, it can make you want to cry.

2. So when an event you want to watch takes place on a weekend, you are like WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND.

3. Because you must watch them on the internet, every device you own is dedicated to streaming a different event.

Is your internet becoming super slow? Yes. Are you sorry? NOPE. YOU ARE NOT SORRY.

4. You've seen a lot of curling, because it's the only event that is on at a super reasonable hour.

Working Title Films / Via

5. Whenever any announcer talks about an upcoming event using the phrase "Is history about to be made?" you know that you are getting no sleep tonight.


That phrase is Olympics catnip. CATNIP.

6. You know you've stayed up too late when you notice that the sun is starting to go down in the host country.

NBC / Via Twitter: @twitney

7. You get excited when an event is streaming live before bedtime...before you realize that the second half doesn't come on until 4 a.m.

8. You become that jerk who knows which little countries are good at different events, because you watched all them.

Viacom / Via

Did you know that Belarus is a biathlon powerhouse? I'M JUST SAYING.

9. You want to share your excitement over something cool that happened, and you realize that everyone else is asleep, and won't see it until tomorrow.


10. When you're in the middle of watching a medal round for an event, and you have to leave for school/work, and you consider just quitting school/work.

Turner / Via

11. You've seen enough of a variety of events where you know for a fact that Norway is the truly dominant Winter Olympic team, not Canada like everyone says.


12. You spend the next day looking so tired that you worry that people will think that you're hungover.

Turner / Via

13. You quickly become that asshole who spoils all the Olympics results for everyone else.


Everyone unfollows you on Twitter, no exceptions.

14. You know full well that the night you decide to go to bed early and get some sleep will be when you accidentally get some Olympics spoiled for you the following morning.


There is just no way you will be able to avoid spoilers for 12 hours.

15. When you realize that an amazingly exciting medal round is at 5:00 a.m., and instead of going to instead summon every ounce of strength that you have TO STAY AWAKE.

It's basically the Olympics of staying awake to watch the Olympics.

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