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24 Things That Always Got '90s Girls In Trouble

"That's not mine!" ::Tosses Abercrombie & Fitch catalog::

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3. When you accidentally taped over your family's home movies to make videos of you and your friends choreographing Spice Girls dances. / Via

"Huh? What happened to your brother's fifth grade graduation video?" — Your dad, about to ground you forever.

4. Turning off the family computer without "safely shutting it down" first. / Via

"Do you realize how much this computer costs!?! You could have erased everything!" -- Your parents, who did not really understand how computers worked.


6. When you put up a suggestive Candie's ad on your wall and your mom made you take it down.

"Why would you even want to have a picture of someone going to the bathroom on your wall?" — Every relative you had over 30.

8. Sending away for 12 CDs for 1 cent from Columbia House... and then later having to explain to your parents why you owe them $65.

"Why on earth would you think that you could get CDs for free?" — Your dad, about to give you extra chores for basically until college.


9. When your parents walked in on you listening to Madonna's Erotica album.

"NOPE. Sorry you spent $15 on this." — Your mom, confiscating your CD and hiding it in the closet with all the other stuff you aren't allowed to have.

10. When you asked for waaaaayyyy too much stuff from the Delia's catalog.

Flickr: Jille Edge / Via Flickr: missjille

"You don't need $20 socks. You can get socks from Target." — Your mom, who secretly thinks everything the Delia's catalog is super ugly.


16. When your parents needed to use the phone, but you were still on the internet, trying to find free Teen People subscriptions.

"I SWEAR I WILL THROW THAT COMPUTER AWAY." — Your dad, who always had an important business call to make.


19. When you were wearing a spaghetti strap top, and your bra straps were showing.


"I am NOT driving to school in the middle of the day to bring you new clothes." — Your mom, while making you change.