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    21 Things People With Short Attention Spans Simply Can't Do


    1. Can't have fewer than 80 tabs open.

    2. Can’t watch a movie on Netflix without getting the "Playback Timed Out" screen at least 5 times.

    3. Can't get a new idea without completely abandoning your last idea.

    4. Can’t put something in the microwave, press the “add 30 seconds button” 10 times, and figure that you’ll just pull it out "when it’s done."

    5. Can't help but be intrigued by the sound of other people's phones going off.

    6. Definitely can't handle the sounds of shoes loudly clomping against the floor.

    7. Cannot even begin to deal with insects flying around your glowing computer screen at night.

    8. Can't see the notification alert on Twitter or Facebook without clicking on it.

    9. Can't leave a soda or a beer in the freezer without completely forgetting about it.

    10. Can't always remember to put the gas cap back on the car after filling it up with gas.

    11. Can't handle sitting next to windows.

    12. Can't stay on the same Wikipedia page for longer than 20 seconds... max.

    13. Can’t remember where you set down something you just had in your hand, especially your keys.

    14. Can’t understand why people would choose to work in a library or a coffee shops.

    15. Can't stop looking around at other things while having a conversation.

    16. Can't walk into a room without immediately forgetting why you walked into that room.

    17. Cannot really enjoy a book unless absolutely nothing else is going on.

    18. Can't sit through any Youtube video that lasts longer than 60 seconds.

    If someone isn't falling off of a trampoline or being hugged by an elephant by then, you're out.

    19. Can't ask the same question fewer than three times.

    20. Can't go to the store without buying everything else EXCEPT the thing you came to buy.

    21. Can't start a project any earlier than the night before.