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21 Things People With Short Attention Spans Simply Can't Do


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4. Can’t put something in the microwave, press the “add 30 seconds button” 10 times, and figure that you’ll just pull it out "when it’s done."

Via Twitter: @milholm

You will definitely forget about it, and then it will just continue to heat until it is the temperature of the sun and all over the place.

11. Can't handle sitting next to windows.


In a way, you are the most selfless person on earth, because everything and everyone around you is more interesting than what you should be doing.

13. Can’t remember where you set down something you just had in your hand, especially your keys.

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Especially especially if it ends up being in your pockets, or somehow still in your damn hands.

16. Can't walk into a room without immediately forgetting why you walked into that room.


You would tattoo this information to your body in order to remember, but you would run out of space in 3 days.

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