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    24 Things Only Dyslexic People Will Understand

    I'm not a slow reader. It's just that all the words and letters never want to sit still.

    1. Your brain has the magical power to make letters dance around like drunk idiots.

    2. It can sometimes take you a second to figure out what something really says.

    3. But all those extra seconds add up, and you feel like the slowest reader of all time.

    4. People tell you to "just keep practicing," as though practicing can you make you something that you're not.

    5. You're very confused when people assume you're just stupid...

    If the letters want to be read so quickly, maybe they shouldn't wander around so much.

    6. ...or that you're just a big whiner.

    7. Teachers often don't know what to do with you.

    8. You and CAPTCHA are always on the verge of having some very heated, non-sensical words with each other.

    9. This brand is constantly testing your maturity.

    10. You're nervous about reading out loud, because then people might think you have trouble speaking, too.

    11. Complicated parking signs can go tow themselves.

    12. Dirty anagrams haunt you.

    13. Sometimes when people make fun of you, it seems like they have as hard a time understanding dyslexia as you do understanding words.

    14. The next significant other to make this joke is never getting sex again.

    15. School can feel like one big TL;DR.

    16. Everyone else seems like they're reading so fast, you wonder if you should even bother trying to catch up.

    17. Eventually, you figure out how good you are at understanding the big picture.

    18. Teachers are amazed at how insightful you can be about books… that you've only read the summaries for.

    19. You may even get a little TOO good at making sense out of nonsense.

    20. You love autocorrect, because now not only can you spell better, everyone else spells worse.

    21. You don't understand why everyone makes a big deal out of your bad handwriting. You know who else had crappy handwriting?

    22. Beethoven. That guy didn't have time for letters, either.

    23. People are coming up with new, simple ways to make your life easier all the time.

    24. In time, you start learning how to be you... LIKE A BOSS.