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    9 Things About "Superjail!" You May Not Know

    Christy Karacas, creator of Superjail!, spills his guts about the show and its upcoming fourth season. It's a riot.

    Christy Karacas is the creator of Adult Swim's Superjail!


    The animated series focuses on the surreal and violent ongoings at the eponymous Superjail!, a prison located in a volcano inside of another volcano in a dimension known only as "5612." Christy is involved in every aspect of Superjail!; in addition to writing, directing, producing, and voice acting, his band Cheeseburger performs the Superjail! theme song, "Comin' Home." He was also recently featured in the documentary series Surface Pro: Behind the Scenes. Christy took the time to speak to BuzzFeed about his favorite parts of Superjail!, its upcoming fourth season, and the perils of getting sex and violence past the censors.

    1. The Superjail! Season 4 premiere involves a terrifying creature dressed suspiciously like The Warden.

    Christy Karacas
    Adult Swim

    Christy provided a screenshot from the Surface Pro tablet he storyboards on and indicated only that "it's thumbnails from the Season 4 premiere." I can't confirm if it is indeed The Warden, but knowing Superjail!, it wouldn't be surprising.

    2. Season 4 will feature even more ridiculous prison riot scenes, including one themed around trash tabloids.

    Christy has mentioned in a past interview that Season 4 would feature a weather fight, a fire fight, a bayou fight, and an alien mutant spore fight. "I'm [currently] storyboarding the mutant spore fight," he says. "One we didn't mention was a fight based on trash tabloid magazines. Right now, it's my favorite because it's got lots of stuff like Big Foot, kind of made-up things that don't exist [that are] coming out of these tabloid magazines."

    3. Those weird realms from the title sequence? They could be featured in future epidodes.

    Adult Swim

    At the beginning of every episode, Jailbot takes escaped convict Jackknife back to Superjail! through a different and unique series of alternate realms, created by The Warden to keep people out and inmates in. "We've talked about taking some of [those alternate realms] and putting them into stories, which we think would be cool to do in another season," Christy explains.

    4. Christy's favorite alternate realm: the food items having a human eating contest.

    Via Adult Swim

    5. Christy's favorite Superjail! Easter Egg: a brutal candy plantation inside a box of truffles.

    In the pilot episode, Alice eats from a box of truffles that contains tiny gingerbread men whipping tiny inmates on a candy farm. "It's this really quick moment where you pass it, and then go to the next scene," Christy says. "I kind of like those scenes where they have nothing to do with the show, but when you watch [them], they kind of jar you."

    6. Season 4 is going to focus more on the inmates.

    Turbaned inma

    Expect to see a lot more of Ash, Fatty, and the Turbaned Inmate. "The Turbaned Inmate has an episode this season," Christy says. "Some of these inmates [that] you see every week, we want them to be a little more included [in the show]. There's a lot more Ash this season."

    7. There are some things that you CAN'T show on Superjail!

    Adult Swim / Via

    "[We] can't show babies being killed," he says. "[We] can't have people eating each other, ever. I don't know why. The Walking Dead has it."

    8. However, Christy was "really surprised" when a mountain of hard drugs and liquor made it past the censors.

    Adult Swim

    9. Often, Superjail! skirts the censors by taking things — like Alice's bulge — and making them unrealistic and exaggerated.


    "With Alice's bulge, we can never really make it look realistic, but you can make it look like crazy shapes," Christy explains. "That's the thing that lets us get away with it."

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