There's A Special Makeup Brush You Can Use If You Really Suck At Blending

    It's like an electric toothbrush, but for your face.

    Everyone struggles with makeup blending, or else no one would shell out $20 for beauty blenders. Enter the blendSMART rotating makeup brush, which aims to take care of all your blending woes. To see if this brush is worth it, Freddie, Safiya, and Kristin of Ladylike decided to give it a spin (lol) (sorry).

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    The brush works by spinning in circles, and it sounds a bit like an electric toothbrush... or some other ~small device~ with a motor.

    So all three of us used the brush to apply foundation, blush, and setting powder, and here's what we think are the pros: First, it's excellent at blending pressed blush.

    And if you're a tinted moisturizer person, Freddie found the foundation brush was really good at blending that:

    And here are the cons: It's a little precarious when you try to use it apply loose powder or setting powder.

    Also, because this brush is very intense, you have to fight it for control a bit when applying a thicker liquid, like full coverage foundation.

    And a word of warning: due to its ~spinning actions~ it can also latch onto the baby hairs along your hairline and your eyelashes -- and can pull your eyelids right into it if it gets too close:

    So, here's how Saf's face turned out after using the brush to apply foundation, blush, and setting powder:

    Here's Kristin's face after using the brush to also apply foundation, blush, and setting powder:

    And here's Freddie after following the same routine, except she blended tinted moisturizer with the brush instead of foundation:

    Overall, while we liked our results, we found this brush really works best if your main struggle is with blush or tinted moisturizer -- but for foundation you're best off just blending it yourself.