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The "Sherlock" Drinking Game


Here's what you need:

• Lagers (that's lighter-colored beer, for you Americans) for the drinkers.

• Tea for the non-drinkers.

• Tissues (for all the feelings).


1. Whenever Sherlock starts making deductions: Everyone does a waterfall until the super tense deduction music CLIMAXES!

2. If ever John has to explain to someone that he is not gay, you may either: FLAIL FOR FIVE SECONDS or TAKE FIVE DRINKS.

3. Whenever a woman tries unsuccessfully to flirt with Sherlock, take one big chug of liquid courage.

4. Whenever Sherlock or John get excited about something horrible, like a dead body, take two drinks.

5. Whenever anyone BESIDES Sherlock tries to solve the mystery, take a huge drink.

6. Every time someone makes fun of John's blog, take a drink.

7. Every time John either hits or talks about hitting Sherlock, take two drinks.

8. Every time Sherlock does something super sassy with his coat or scarf, take two drinks.

9. Whenever anyone looks like they're about to kiss anyone else, trade drinks with the person next to you, and give them a hug.

10. Whenever Mycroft says something nasty to anyone, take a big indignant chug.

11. Whenever the sad John Watson music plays, because either John or someone thinking about John is having some feels, take two drinks.

12. Whenever a random human body part is in a place it isn't supposed to be, take a long swig.

13. Every time someone overcomes their emotional constipation and says how they feel, take three drinks.

14. If Sherlock puts on the hat, take three drinks.

15. Every time Sherlock does something that makes him seem like a person with feelings, finish your drink.