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Thanksgiving As A Kid Vs. Thanksgiving As An Adult

Oh, how the holidays change once we can drink.

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5. Eating dinner in the afternoon, as a kid: Why aren't we eating dinner earlier?


Seriously, I don't care that it's 11 a.m., gimme the potatoes, I WILL JUST MASH THEM IN MY MOUTH.

The meal prep, when you're an adult: The friend least likely to give everyone Salmonella makes the turkey, everyone else brings beer.


9. Thanksgiving Day football, when you're a kid: You don't care who's playing, IT'S FOOTBALL!

Look, it's football! In the middle of a weekday! That's crazy! FOOTBALL!


Thanksgiving day football, as an adult: You would almost prefer to be at work than have to watch the Cowboys play.

Explain to me again why the Cowboys and the Lions have to play every Thanksgiving? Because I bet it's for a stupid reason.



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