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8 Terrifying Things You Need To Know About Everyday Beauty Products

You'll never look at nail art the same way again.

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1. The FDA can't ensure that all cosmetics are safe before you buy them.

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With the exception of color additives, the FDA does not have the authority to approve cosmetics before they're sold, and can only take action once a product actually hurts people. So, beauty products are basically on the honor system.

3. Octinoxate in your sunscreen can actually increase the risk of skin cancer.

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An expert UV absorber, Octinoxate is really, really good at being sunscreen. Unfortunately, it's so good that the absorbed UV rays can actually generate heat, which means it can keep causing damage to your skin even after you're no longer in the sun. Think of it this way: Octinoxate is like a leaky bucket. It stores the UV rays, but can slowly allow them to absorb into your skin.


4. The grainy stuff in your exfoliating scrub is also one of the main ingredients in dynamite.

Along with nitroglycerin, Diatomaceous earth is one of two main ingredients found in dynamite. Its natural abrasiveness makes it really popular in natural care products.

6. Your nail polish and shampoo can contain formaldehyde, which can affect your sense of smell, cause respiratory problems, and is banned in Canada.

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You may also have heard of formaldehyde from such gross things as cigarette smoke and preserving dead bodies. Not surprisingly, it's also a known carcinogen. (From the book What's In This Stuff?)

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