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17 Stupidly Wonderful Clothing Items You Can Actually Buy This Fall

For when you want a sweater that doubles as a straightjacket.

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Leo: Official uniform of the Sing Sing All-Stars.

Kristin: What is going on here? Is this a kid whose parents forbid her from wearing denim, and so she's way overcompensating to get back at them? "THE LEVI'S FACTORY AND I ARE IN LOVE, DAD."

7. American Retro Mohair Pants, $579

Leo: Oooh! Mohair! I remember when I had a real mohair moment in the late '90s.

Kristin: If you buy these, can you literally sit anywhere in NYC? Like, does it become more or less impossible to put you butt down on any public surface without ruining them?


10. Forever 21 Squad Goals T-Shirt, $15.90


Kristin: So your squad goals is just yourself? That's like wearing a T-shirt that just has the words "Football Team."

Leo: Agree, this would make more sense if it read "squad goalie."

Kristin: Because at least then we know her position in the squad.

12. Zhivago "The Risen One" Sequin Dress, $508


Kristin: "Sorry it took me so long to get here, I got into a fight with some protective furniture pads."

Leo: I feel like this lady’s name is Zorp and she’s the Giselle of an alien colony famous for its emerald treasures.


Leo: I think 20 years ago, this is what we thought people of the future would legitimately be wearing. (AND NOW WE ARE! IS YOUR MIND BLOWN?) They do look rather cozy, though.

Kristin: If you need this much protection from the elements, WHY ARE YOU WEARING AN ANKLE BOOTIE?


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