21 Stock Photos That No One Will Ever Be Able To Use


    1. This woman, who has cut off the head of her twin sister, and then packed it like a piece of meat.

    2. This guy, who obviously knows what his lady is hiding behind her back already, judging from his helmet.

    3. This woman, who is trying to steal someone's finger in chemistry class.

    4. This man, who is literally shaking the hand of the priest who is performing his funeral.

    5. This bride, posing for photos in front of a tombstone.

    6. This... cool santa ghost?

    7. This woman, who is checking out her own ass which has been cut off from the rest of her body.

    8. These three people who are attempting to protect their faces from food.

    9. These cows performing at some kind of cow concert.

    10. These dolls "embracing".

    11. This business plant.

    12. This incredibly chill situation.

    13. This beautiful meal of a single hair extension.

    14. This guy doing his best "Joaquin Phoenix hiding inside a shirt" impression.

    15. This skateboarder.

    16. This guy who has some shark problems.

    17. This mummy holding a globe who is letting a nurse help him with his penis bandage.

    18. Celery Man.

    19. This guy, who really wants to get his money's worth from this knife.

    20. Three business people playing "sports" inside a conference room, right next to each other.

    21. Annnd this business woman, who is partying down with a gun and a goldfish.