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18 Things All People With Overly-Expressive Faces Totally Understand

Stop telling me that I'm going to give myself wrinkles, mom.

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1. The first impression you give off is often that of a totally crazy person.


2. Your face is way worse at keeping secrets than you are.

My mouth will never tell, but my face is super gossipy.

3. You are constantly worried that today will be the day that you become a meme.

And a little excited, but mostly scared. You've seen the internet before, you know what happens here.

4. And most people know what you are thinking the instant that you think it.

There is no such thing as mental privacy.

5. People ask you to "do a face." A LOT.

It's nice... the first 8 times.

6. In fact, you are secretly afraid that if you don't "do a face" for a picture, you might not look that good in it.

Better to intentionally look silly than to unintentionally look silly.

7. You look like you're photobombing every picture that you're in (even when you're not).

I promise everyone, I am not trying to ruin this photo, I am just very happy!

8. Your parents have begged you for "just want ONE nice picture for Grandma" about 30498309483 times.

How is this not a nice picture?

9. When people don't recognize you in pictures, it's because your resting face looks so different from your face in motion.

Yes, I promise, those are both photos of me. I didn't hire a "stunt me," or anything.

10. When people think that you are CRAZY SUPER EXCITED, but you're actually just normal excited.

You don't have to tell me to calm down, that's just the shape my face makes.

11. People are often confused about whether you are laughing or frowning.

Or trying to hide your laughs with exaggerated frowns.

12. And you never look scared, you always just look MEGA SCARED.

"Why are you overreacting?" "IT'S JUST MY FACE."

13. Your photo roll on your camera is full of your crazy-faced selfies.

Don't lie, it totally is.

14. People can't help but take screenshots of all your snapchats.

15. Your permanent record from school is littered with wacky-face related detentions and trips to the principal's office.

I'm not a trouble-maker, I just have a naturally gifted face, OK?

16. When someone older person tells you “that you’re going to give yourself wrinkles doing that.”

Doing what? Having a face?

17. Same for when someone tells you that if you keep making faces, "your face is going to freeze that way."

That's not how faces work, well-meaning older relative.

18. When you teach young kids to do your weird faces, and they their parents get sooooo mad.

Don't give me attitude mom, I have a face to respond with that, now.

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