33 Sounds ’90s Kids Will Never Forget


1. The sound that plastic VHS tape boxes made when you opened them… especially for the first time.

Sooooo satisfying.

2. The original Nokia ring tone:

Also known as the sound you heard whenever any character in a movie answered their phone.

3. When you logged onto AOL, the seemingly ENDLESS pause between “Welcome” and “You’ve got mail!”:


4. The sweet sweet sounds of Rockapella breaking out into “Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?”:

5. The sound that indicated that your computer was fiiiiiinally finished booting up:

6. And the sound of your EVEN BETTER computer finally booting up:

7. The pump-up sounds your sneakers would make when you were doing this to them:

8. The sound of your dream date saying “You’re right! I Really like you!” while you were playing Dream Phone:

9. The opening bars to the Are You Afraid Of The Dark? theme song:

10. The sound of your Furby scaring the crap out of you in the middle of the night when it accidentally turned on.

11. The world’s most annoying noises from this keychain that drove your parents absolutely freaking crazy:


Nick nick nick nick nick-nick nick-nick, NICKELODEON.

13. The beeping sounds of your Tamagotchi when it was hungry… or when it was about to die in the middle of class:

14. The hopeful, old-timey sounds of the Oregon Trail theme music:

15. The sound of rolling plastic on the sidewalk whenever you played with the Skip-It.

16. The satisfying crack of a slap bracelet.


17. The eerie theme from Myst:

18. The crackles and snaps of Pop Rocks dissolving in your mouth.

Sounds like summer.

19. The “Attention mall shoppers!” alert you got whenever you played Mall Madness:

Especially if you had a sister who could not stop playing the game.

20. The dulcet tones of the “The Sims” theme song:

The easier to lull you into spending hours and hours and hours playing it.

21. The sound plastic furniture made when you sat down and got back up from it.

22. Ren and Stimpy (and every friend you had) repeatedly saying “You eeeeeeediot!!”

View this embed ›

23. The sound of ripping this ball off its velcro mitt.


24. The Doug theme song, which would cause you to come running from every corner of the house:

In all of its a capella-inspired glory.

25. The sound that Nerds made in the box when you shook them.

26. How the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack got more and more dramatic the further along you got in the game.

You knew it was getting serious by the time this music happened.

27. The sound of Stick Stickly singing the Nickelodeon address:

28. The sophisticated musical stylings of the Melody Pop:

29. The singing ABC Saturday morning cartoon claymation bumpers:

30. The cling-clangs and cash register noises that would come from 3D Pinball Space Cadet game:


31. The velcro-y sound of opening your Trapper-Keeper:

32. The “do-do-do do-do do, whomp” opening sounds of the first Super Mario Brothers level:

You always felt so hopeful at the beginning.

33. The opening and closing door sounds from AIM… and the alert you set for when your crush came online.

And the sound of your exciting gasping every single time you got a new message.

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